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To be truly neuroinclusive, you need more than just ADHD and autism awareness training. Our solutions help organisations like yours to understand, support and celebrate your neurodivergent employees to create more cohesive, productive teams.

How can Safe Space help your workplace?

Autism awareness in the workplace

For People Leaders and Teams

Navigating neurodiversity can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to turn challenges into opportunities. Our mission is to empower DEIB professionals, people leaders, and HR teams with the tools they need to embrace neurodiversity confidently. 

With our on-demand educational resources, alongside expert guidance, we’re your partners in cultivating a neuro-inclusive workforce. It’s time not just to recognise but celebrate neurodiversity inclusion. We show you how.

Autism awareness training

For Neurodivergent Employees

Empower your neurodivergent employees with our dedicated career hub, designed with their unique needs in mind. This space is filled with neuro-affirming resources crafted by experts to guide employees towards finding balance and fulfilment. 

Our innovative coaching portal allows employees to tap into personalised career training from accredited coaches. These coaches are neurodivergent themselves, ensuring a deeply understanding and specialised support system designed to help them thrive.

The Safe Space solutions for every business

ADHD awareness in the workplace

Hand-curated on-demand platform

Become a member and enter Australia’s first and only custom-tailored platform, The Safe Space always-on portal. Here, you’ll enjoy access to plenty of resources that will help with the right advice to support your neurodiverse workforce. 

Updated regularly, we offer checklists and templates, learning bites and mini-courses, plus on-demand resources and webinars.

ADHD awareness training


Are you just starting? Our workshops are a great way to work towards a more inclusive workplace. 

Designed to help you understand, support and embrace the talents and perspectives of your neurodivergent employees, become a champion of neurodiversity and build engaged, productive teams by signing up today.

Autism awareness training for employers

Inclusivity Index

We’ve pioneered the Neuro-Inclusivity Index so you can pulse-check the neuro-inclusion of your organisation. The questions are designed to build a clear picture of just how neuro-inclusive your organisation is. By highlighting your strengths and understanding areas of improvement, we recommend ways to improve neuro-inclusion in your workplace.

Why does neurodiversity matter?

Neurodivergent individuals bring a wealth of diverse thoughts, skills and problem-solving abilities to their workplaces. However, their potential can remain untapped without proper understanding and support. That’s where our Safe Space programs and always-on portal come in. 

Our ADHD and autism awareness training workshops will enlighten, engage, and empower both employers and employees. The Safe Space portal gives organisations the latest resources they can use daily. Just starting out? Check out our Inclusivity Index to discover the areas of improvement in your teams.

Why partner with Safe Space?

Our workshops, always-on portal and Neuro-Inclusivity Index have been designed to meet your organisation’s unique needs. Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards neurodiversity inclusivity or looking to enhance existing practices, we’ve got you covered.

Enhance your understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and its significance in the workplace with our interactive learning. From awareness to advanced strategies, our content is customisable to suit your team’s unique needs and goals.

Learn by Practical Strategies

Led by neurodiversity experts, our programs provide insights and strategies you can implement today. Our facilitators will teach you practical ways to support neurodivergent employees and create an inclusive environment immediately.

Improve your communication

Our workshops are interactive and engaging, making learning about neurodiversity both fun and impactful. You’ll discover new communication techniques that cater to diverse thinking and working styles with our content tailored to you.

Foster increased innovation

Neurodiverse teams are more innovative and productive than non-diverse teams. Our workshop participants gain access to a wealth of resources to continue their learning and gain confidence to harness the power of their neurodiverse teams.