Work with us and connect with more individuals, more companies, more often

Our partners are the lifeblood of The Safe Space Collective.

As a Safe Space Partner your services and work is shared with hundreds of neurodivergent individuals and employees at a global scale. 

Expand your client base without the added administrative overhead of managing contracts and navigating procurement processes.

We will take care of the logistics, and you get to focus on what you do best.

How Does It Work?

You apply to be a Safe Space Provider

Your services are displayed in our platform to neurodivergent individuals and employees

Individuals self-select your service

You Provide Your Service

We handle the invoicing for you

When you apply to be a Safe Space Provider, we perform necessary checks such as background and quality assurance checks before welcoming you onto the platform!

You have the opportunity to choose how you display your services in the platform.

Once your services have been provided, we handle all the invoicing for you!

Become a Safe Space Provider Today

To become a Safe Space Provider, please fill out your information below and we will be in touch!

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