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About The Safe Space Collective

Keen to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace? Need help with neurodiversity training? Welcome to your go-to hub for everything neurodiverse. The Safe Space will energise your DEIB efforts, empower your neurodivergent team members and equip your leaders with an arsenal of on-demand tools, resources and expert guidance. Are you ready to create a supportive work environment where everyone thrives? We’ll show you how.

Who We Are

Pioneers in neurodiversity training

We’re leading the way in neurodiversity inclusion in Australia with the first, and only, platform custom-tailored to meet your company’s needs. Your organisation deserves a platform as unique as your vision for an inclusive workplace.

Created by leaders in the field

Our comprehensive suite of resources, tools and expert advisory services was created in collaboration with the leading voices in neurodiversity. These resources are designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to drive inclusion in your workplace.

Helps organisations grow and thrive

Our approach to fostering inclusive environments ensures a diversity of thought and dynamic discussions, leading to greater innovation. Healthy, inclusive workplaces are more productive and enjoy higher employee engagement and retention.

How The Safe Space Works

For Leaders

Our on-demand, self-led courses will help you improve your understanding of neurodiversity. Plus, our always-on, constantly updated suite of supportive frameworks, checklists and templates equips you and your people leaders with the confidence to support their neurodivergent team members.

For Neurodivergent Employees

The Safe Space’s accredited career coaches can give your neurodivergent employees the confidence to thrive. Our neuro-affirming resources and tools help them feel supported and empowered. We have packages and options to meet every need.

For Teams

Integrating neurodiversity training into the workplace enriches the whole team. The Safe Space helps you support your teams and colleagues in developing a better understanding and appreciation of neurodiversity and their neurodivergent peers.

How We Can Help You

Want to address neurodiversity in the workplace but don’t know where to begin?

That’s where The Safe Space Neuro-Inclusivity Index can help. By answering the Index’s questions, you’ll discover your organisation’s inclusivity score. Find out your company’s strengths alongside a framework of recommendations to improve inclusivity today.

Experiencing issues but don’t know how to resolve them?

At The Safe Space Collective, we hear this all the time. So many leaders understand they need to improve but get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do first. We can help you wherever you are in your journey, whether you’re new to neurodiversity, you’ve identified neurodivergent team members and want to help, or you just need assistance filling a few gaps in your knowledge.

Need to persuade management that neurodiversity matters?

Making the case to management can be challenging, but The Safe Space equips you with the information, knowledge and confidence to articulate why neurodiversity training in the workplace matters. The changes you can make to create a more inclusive workplace don’t have to be big, and they don’t have to cost a lot. You’ll see a huge return on your small investment. We can show you how.

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